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How do VBA Residents like Guelph Little Theatre?

The following is from an email from resident Bob Borek, in November 2017, commenting on Gondeliers - one of the plays in the 2017/2018 schedule.

"A group of twenty nine villagers attended the Guelph Little Theatre production of the
"Gondoliers" by Gilbert and Sullivan. The show on Sunday October 15 was enjoyed by everyone. The outing was organized by the Social Committee. Bob Borek; VBA Resident."

The following is from an email from resident Christne McEwan in 2016, commenting on The Drowsy Chaperone - one of the plays in the 2016/2017 schedule.

"I had the good fortune to see the newest offering from Guelph Little Theatre and recommend it to people who like musicals and who like to laugh!
The cast is a great mix of professional and amateur actors, accompanied by a lively band, with delightful choreography by Sarah Jane Burton.
It is presently running at the GLT on Morris St. in Guelph - ...
Book yourself some tickets today!"

Another VBA Resident, Dian Borek, is on the Guelph Little Theatre Board of Directors.

Here is their Website:

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